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About – Dark Rain Entertainment
  • Entertainment

    Dark Rain Entertainment burst onto the Dhivehi cinema scene in 2006, emerging from humble roots in TVM drama serials, ad films and audio recording. Our multiple award-winning studio has since come to embody the cutting edge of technical and artistic innovation in Dhivehi cinema, in addition to fostering new talent and initiating enduring relationships.

  • Milestones

    Dark Rain Entertainment’s many achievements include the first Dhivehi films shot entirely in HD, 3D and on DSLR, and to be shown at the Venice Film Festival. In addition to emerging technological trends, the studio also experiments with complex social messages and genre, challenging audiences to grow alongside us.

Since 2006

Through clear goals and transparent practices we maintain a high talent and collaborator retention across the film, music and advertising industries. As a result Dark Rain Entertainment has become a collective of the most distinct voices in Dhivehi cultural production.